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NewDynamic AI-driven, powerful algorithm.

Powerful, analysis framework

Powerful workflow template based analysis framework. Extend workflows, integrate tools.

"Progress happens one step at a time. Perfection does not."
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- Some wise man

Our goal is to take your digital asset valuation experience closer to perfection, one step at a time. The custom-tailored AI algorithm learns from each valuation and analyses the data to get better each time, step-by-step closer to perfection.

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Data Driven All-in-one Valuation Tool

Value appraises every digital asset. Starting from relatively smaller assets like Twitter accounts (incl. Tweets), Facebook pages (incl. Posts), to Domain names and bigger sizeable digital assets like brands and full fledged developed applications (web and mobile).

Our belief in accuracy, simplicity, power and minimalism has led to a minimal application design that's capable of doing things powerfully while in an optimized, easy-to-operate and intuitive workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Nothing. It's FREE without any catches. Also, during the Beta phase, the PRO and Enterprise too are free to try

What are the limitations?

For now, we have no paywall, as long as we are Beta. So, you should face no restrictions unless you hammer the API/website really hard.


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